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Acorn Global is a premier boutique consultancy and venture capital firm that specializes in capital raise, tech start-ups and scale-ups, project and corporate finance (infrastructure, renewable energy, real estate developments etc.), M&A opportunities, pre-IPO investments and the private equity market.


We take businesses to the next level by providing private and institutional investment, corporate advisory and business transformation expertise. We provide funding for projects in sectors ranging from real estate development to renewable energy. We pride ourselves on being more than an investment partner, unlocking potential, providing solutions in complex situations and actively working with management teams to share the success.

Our global network of partners is the core of our business. Our proven track record includes consulting on capital raises, venture capital investments in tech start-ups and scale-ups, project, asset and corporate finance, advising on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), pre-IPO investments, strategy, expansion, cross-border trade and other value-added services. Our solid expertise in providing consultancy on debt and equity financing is unparalleled, having assisted many clients worldwide to finance their projects.



Are you looking for funding?

Drop us a line to submit your investment opportunity and schedule a meeting. Once engaged for a low monthly fee,  you will benefit from our world-class consultancy on your strategy, business plan and financials together with our 5 investors per month guarantee. We will source your investment, pitch and close the deal for you.


Are you an angel, VC, private, institutional investor or lender?

Register with us for access to relevant opportunities that meet your criteria. We make direct investments in certain situations and co-invest, while providing you with quality deal flow.

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